Freitag, 4. November 2016

Alright, it's time to vent.

I started my Warlock back in 2004. A little green Orc (Yes he is a Worgen now, I know. But he is the same person. You have to look to the inside), proud to have the company of a little imp, wielded my first shadowbolts against Boars . In between fights I collected apples and although this doesn't sound much like "Warlock class fantasy", I treasure those memories of my first WoW impressions.
Then I grew stronger, and I was able, due to soul link, to even survive attacks of those pesky rogues and teach them not to touch me. With my felhunter I made mages blink away in panic and when I first killed Ragnaros, I felt like a true hero. Now the rest of the Horde wouldn't despise me, spit at me for using fel magic, noooo, now they would salute me for ridding the world of an elemental nightmare.
I proudly remember, when I descended into Dire Maul, taming my Dreadsteed. A quest made for warlocks. Enslaving Felguards attacking me sending them against my enemies. Using Hellfire to get rid of hundreds of imps and finally defeating and bending the steed to my own will. Up to this day. What a gloryful night. And whenever I summon it, I have a brief flashback of that fateful night.
Then with burning crusade, you gave us demonolgists a permanent felguard. From that moment on, I felt really unique. People could tell from hundreds of yards away, that a Demon Warlock is approaching. The felguard would charge, cleave and stun my enemies while I cursed and nuked my victim to death. I soloed the questchain in Nagrand that was designed for 5 players and I finally witnessed Thrall traveling to Garadar to show Garrosh Hellscream the sacrifice his father made. (And then he turned into a spoiled warmongering crazy f***edup little Idio*, but that's another story.)
And I would they top that. And then you gave me Metamorphosis. Now I wasn't only a Demon Master. I was Demon Incarnate, yet with my own free will. I would increase my chaotic energies and unleash them in a barrage of endless touches of chaos and I would finish them with a 2 second castable Soulfire (or less because haste wooohooo). And every enemy always went down in a giant BAAAAAAAAM.
And when I though I was on the peak of my experience, you heard our prayers and gave us


The moment the update hit, I forced my dreadsteed over the dark waters (yes...OVER the waters, setting them ablaze) of the Isle of Thunder, wreaking havoc among the most powerful inhabitants of that area until I found the tome. The sealed tome of the lost Legion. What a questchain. And at the end a worthy fight agains a mighty adversary. And a duel...not a 5 man instance noone wanted to Just me and him. Me and Kanrethad Ebonlocke on top of the Black Temple. Me, him and a PITLORD I ENSLAVED. A PITLORD WHOSE ABILITIES I USED TO BRING DOWN THE EVIL AND CORRUPTED WARLOCK. And everytime he tried to "chaosbolt" me, I used my SEVENTY YARD demonic gateway to bedazzle him. I would RAIN FIRE WITHOUT HAVING TO USE THREE SOULSHARDS, interrupt his cataclysm, dealt with the minions he spawned and blasted his soul into the TWISTING NETHER. The codex of Xerrath was mine. Finally.

Then came Draenor, and I didn't like it. So I quit after 2 Months. BUT...just one thing. Whenver I was sent to Shattrath Daily... I wouldn't use the elevator downstairs. I would leap over the threshold and descended as an infernal-like meteor. You know...the  thing, warriors can do now, I believe.

And then came Legion. With regret I read that I had to give up Metamorphosis for our new allies, the demon hunters. But everybody seemed positive with the new Demon Warlock, so I thought I just have to get used to it. You know, like getting used to suddenly collect willpower equipment. Or getting used to not having drain mana anymore. Or getting used to not having curse of recklessness anymore. Or getting used to the constant changes of fear and howling terror. Or getting used to the Worgen dance animation (Justin Timberlake, my a**). Or getting used to the Worgen "Mount Form" (GEEZ did you ever look at this grass hopper on Mini Thins?!).
But I didn't like it. I tried....but I didn't. I don't feel like a master of demons anymore. But a master of the 12-seconds-dogs. I have to cast a buff over and over again until my demons glitter. This doesn't feel powerful, it feels like beeing put back into the valley with the boars and the apples. Except the fact, that now I even need a soulshard to summon an imp.... And since I like the addon storywise, I switched to Destruction and went on...with a bitter feeling in my stomach.
THEN I realized, that not only have you taken away Metamorphosis, but also Soulfire....Corruption...Hellfire....Soulshatter...and you castrated our demonic gateway. From 20-70 yards to a maximum of 40 and with a freaking cooldown which makes it useless. There I started to question, what kind of party your devs attended the night before they came up with those ideas.
But it didn't end there. Suddenly we had to skill Demonic circle. Whaaaaaaaaat? And my Dreadsteed can't walk on water. My two polearms I kept in my inventory to make my Wrathguard look more devastating are now useless. Nonono...the felguard glitters. It doesn't look devastating even with a bazooka attached to it so screw those polearms.
And when I thought, the kick to the nuts...the pain you inflicted upon me, couldn't be topped... I switched on my shadowpriest. Just to see that they had almost the exact same mechanic we had prior to the Legion update. And this was the moment, my resignation became outright pi**ation. This is something you won't be able to explain to me without blinking.
You not only took stuff GAVE it away. And when we call you out on your bull***t, you mumble something about "Artistic Integrity". You know who pays your food? Why don't you ask John Smedley how his "Artistic Integrity" worked out for him and SWG? Or why don't you google "Mass Effect 3 Artistic integrity". Have you done your homework?
Are you going to stand in front of your shareholders and tell them you lost subscribers but you still have your "Artistic Integrity".
The whole situation reminds me of the endless soulshard debate. Countless Threads of their uselessness, them beeing a nuisance and suggestions to improve them were countered by your constant statement: "We like them, we think they are good. They stay". And then suddenly....they were gone... AND NOW THEY'RE BACK!!!!
Or that one time, when we begged for green fire or new demon models? And your response was:" Well you have chaos bolt. It is green. And new demons....uuuuuh....very difficult to code. Extremely difficult." -- "But the models are already in the game, you just have to....""VEEERY DIFFICULT I SAID!!! SHUT UP. HERE LOOK AT THE NEW PETS IN OUR SHOP YOU UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF SH**!!!!"
Do you understand me? Imagine you are a little toddler. Sitting in the Living room having all your favourite toys around you. Suddenly your Mom steps into the living room, takes all your toys away, takes the batteries out of some of them and/or gives them to the kids in your neighbourhood. Then she gives you a new toy that you never asked for and which you don't like. And while you are struggling with it you look out the window and see all the kids in the neighbourhood playing with stuff, that formerly belonged to you.

So I unsubed.....and now my problem. I like this addon. I like how you reintroduced Illidan, my favourite hero from wc3. I hated you, when we had to kill him during bc. And now he comes back and I wanted to know how he is going to lead us against the legion worlds. But not as a glittering dog herder.

And now the reason why I won't reroll. I can't. I tried. I tried a Frost Dk. An Unholy DK who really has a lot of "Minions" even temporarily. I tried a Balance Druid, A Demon Hunter and finally a Fire Mage. But I can't switch just like that. I put too much effort, blood, sweat, adrenalin rushs, sleepless nights, gold and time (12 years) into my warlock. I have a lot of memories tied to it and to the Metamorphosis, to the demonic spec. It was MY class fantasy. Using another character would be like restarting the game all over...and I don't want that.  I wanted the story to continue. The story of Crazywolf of the Black Harvest, Demon Warlock. And you took that "Demon" from me. You took away my "class fantasy" and gave it to others...

You took the "sky" from me.


EU- Alleria

*DISCLAIMER* The above is my oppinion, and mine alone. I speak only for myself and I know that a lot of people don't share my grudge and grief and that's ok. It's your right to disagree but it's my right to see it that way. 12 years playing, even with pauses here and there, entitle me to my oppinion. And although I mention some other classes in this thread like Shadowpriests, Demonhunters and Warriors, I'd like to emphasize that I don't want to bash you for having abilities formerly belonging to me. But I am jealous as hell that you get to experience something that I never will again. No, I won't reroll...see above. *DISCLAIMER END*